Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Review - Tiger Tags

Did you get some cool electronics this holiday season?  How would you feel if they accidentally got lost forever?  TigerTag offers a FREE global lost and found network.  For a mere $1.99 to cover shipping and handling, you can receive a set of TigerTags, which is a small, permanent sticker, each having a unique serial number.  Stick these tags on your cell phone, laptop, gaming device, register them online, and they have a good chance find their way back to you if you lose them.

"75% of lost items which carry a TigerTag ID sticker are returned by Good Samaritans.  Our mission at TigerTag is to provide a reliable way to safeguard valuables by harnessing the power of goodwill," said Eric Lagier, CEO and founder of TigerTag.

After the holidays, I spent some (surprisingly fun) time tagging all my family's gadgets including cameras, cell phones, and my daughter's new Nintendo DS.  It's quick and easy to register devices. The peace of mind knowing that your device will probably not be lost forever? Priceless.

Special thanks to Tiger Tags for sending me a set of Tiger Tags.

Review - Banglz Bands

Want to get more exercise out of every day tasks?  Banglz are comfy half pound weighted bands wrapped in different stylish interchangeable sleeves. One pound Banglz ankle bands that fit comfortably under your pants are also available.

I tried a set of wrist Banglz for several days and received many compliments on the new accessory.  After a few hours, they felt fairly comfortable and I could definitely feel the extra workout in everyday tasks.  I wore them to an aerobics class and boy did they make a huge difference!  At times they can get in the way, for instance when typing on the computer or washing your hands.  I would probably opt for the ankle bands for every day use.

Banglz are available at at $24.95 for wrist bands and $27.95 for ankle bands.

Special thanks to Banglz for loaning a set of Banglz wrist bands.