Monday, December 3, 2012

Giveaway - Brookstone eComfort Tablet Pillow and Dustin Touchscreen Cleaner

The Brookstone eComfort Tablet Pillow is finally the answer to using an iPad® in bed. I've always enjoyed using laptops and now my iPad in bed, but there's always the problem of cold hands after holding the device too long.  The eComfort Tablet Pillow beats traditional case stands by securely holding an iPad upright on a soft surface completely hands free.  With the rotation lock feature of the iPad, I can even lie sideways in bed and enjoy an iBook.

The eComfort Tablet Pillow can hold 10" tablets as well as 7" tablets including the Kindle® Fire.  I would recommend removing the case while using the eComfort Tablet Pillow, as the X-stand tends to squish most cases.  I've switched to using a thin Smart Cover as they are easy to remove for the eComfort Tablet Pillow.

If you're an avid tablet gamer or have kids that use tablet devices, the Brookstone Dustin 2-in-1 Touchscreen Cleaning Cloth is a must have accessory.  We are constantly cleaning our screens and absolutely love this handy device.  They come two in a package, so we don't even have to fight over them.

*** If you'd like to win your own Brookstone eComfort Tablet Pillow and Dustin Touchscreen Cleaner, head to their site and answer a few easy peasy questions in Rafflecopter below (click read more if necessary) and check out the easy ways to earn more entries. The giveaway ends on December 16th at 12:00am and is open to residents of US and Canada. ***