Monday, April 30, 2012

Giveaway - Brookstone Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Pro for iPad

When considering a Bluetooth keyboard for your iPad, have you considered the ability to remove the keyboard to type more comfortably (although not necessarily poolside in a turquoise bikini as shown above)?  How about premium supple leather (in my favorite leather color)?

The Brookstone Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Pro is the must have accessory for the everyday user to the executive looking for the very best in iPad accessories.  The keyboard has excellent tactile feedback and is super easy to pair to your iPad or even a smartphone through the wireless Bluetooth connection.

With the iPad and the keyboard, you can do some serious work editing documents, writing emails and even blog posts (you can bet this one was written using it!).  With the keyboard, your iPad screen is no longer half-filled with the graphic keyboard which makes creating content much easier and rewarding.

The leather case extremely high quality and stylish.  The iPad sleeve and bezel fit well and all the iPad controls are readily available.  But you know what?  You can use the volume controls right on the keyboard, as well music controls, brightness, home screen and locking the screen.

The iPad is secure in the leather case and well protected against accidental drops.  The removable keyboard is held in place magnetically and the integrated stand hold the iPad at the perfect angle.  All together, the combination of the iPad, case and keyboard is a bit heavy and bulky, but it's a small concession to make considering the huge jump in productivity.

I absolutely love my Brookstone Bluetooth Keyboard! It makes my iPad as useful as a laptop with a keyboard.  The Bluetooth Keyboard Pro is available from Brookstone online or in stores for $149.  You can also check out the Bluetooth Keyboard with Tech-Grip Case and the original Bluetooth iPad Keyboard Case for $99 each.

*** If you'd like to win your own Brookstone Bluetooth Keyboard Pro, tell me what device you'd use the keyboard with in Rafflecopter below (click read more if necessary) and check out the easy ways to earn more entries. The giveaway ends on May 16th at 12:01am and is open to residents of US and Canada. ***

Monday, April 16, 2012

Review - Kidz Bop Ultimate Hits

On May 8th, Kidz Bop will be releasing their Ultimate Hits CD featuring the most popular releases from their hugely successful line of Kidz Bob CDs, "sung by kids for kids". As I heard about it,
I Gotta Feeling May 8th is going to be Dynamite! We’re going to Party In The USA with the release of KIDZ BOP Ultimate Hits! The California Gurls will be dancing to all 13 hits this Fire Burning summer! You don’t need to be a Billionaire to get a copy, its only $13.98! 
As well as these hits, the Ultimate Hits CD contains, Tik TokBreak Your HeartHey Soul Sister, DG Got us Falling in Love, You Belong with Me, Single Ladies and Fireflies. The songs are excellently produced and even contain kid-friendly lyrics (I want to be a Billionaire, so very bad).

My 8-year-old daughter immediately began singing along with the songs.  She knew all but two of them already and within two playings, she was singing along with those catchy tunes as well.  She gives it a two huge thumbs up and a huge smile!

Special thanks to Kidz Bop for providing a review copy of the CD.  No other compensation was received.