Monday, January 28, 2008

$25 That Keeps Coming Around

Over at Mixed Market Arts, they are running a weekly contest were they give out $25 and you only have to enter once. According to the contest post:
After sponsoring two contests earlier which yielded successful results, I am ready to run my own. Rather than running the occasional type of blog contest, I wanted to change things up a bit. I want to have a lot of winners rather than just one. I have developed a way to promote my blog while giving away money every week.

Every week I will announce one winner who I will send $25 via Paypal. The weekly winner contest will run forever, allowing many people to be able to win a $25 prize. Every week I will also give a link to the winners blog, and that winner will also be eligible to receive any additional prizes that were donated that week. For those people who are kind enough to donate cash/prizes, I will give you a free plug about your site, blog, or product.

By writing a one time post on your blog, you will have a chance to win $25 as well as additional prizes every single week of the year. You will have a permanent raffle ticket so to say. All winners will get a little bit of free promotion as well.
The earlier you put a 250 word post about this contest, the better the chance of winning the weekly prize. In the mean time, check out their blog for tips to Make Money Blogging, Increase Website Traffic and Blog Marketing. Good luck!

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