Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sylvania DOT-it winners

Congratulations to the Sylvania DOT-it winners:

Here are your random numbers:
3 13 9 31

Miss Blondie - I would use them in the bathroom as a nightlight for when my son gets up in the middle of the night.And probably his room too.

Jenny - I'd put it in the bottom of the sink and let it flash while I give my daughter a bath. I know she'd enjoy it. It'd also be cool to leave a message with the light flashing so my husband would see it. Neat!

Beverly Clark - I would keep a couple next to my bed for when the electricity goes out and the others in our storm cellar for when we have to run to our "hidey hole" when fierce weather happens.

MaryBeth Is - definitely in the kids room! They would love these

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