Thursday, January 1, 2009

Goodyear GY135 GPS Navigation System

Image from Engadget.

Goodyear introduced a new line of GPS systems last year.  The are manufactured by The NCC (National Christmas Company) and come in a range of models.  I tried the Goodyear GY135 model which features a 3.5" screen and text-to-speech navigation. 

The 3=D graphics were clear and the software was easy to navigate.  The zoom options were helpful and the text-to-speech function worked well.  I put the color option to automatically detect day and night, but it did not transition well during the test session. 

In terms of navigation, it promptly recalculated the route when the course was deviated from.  Once, it asked me to take a eastbound exit instead of a westbound exit and prompted me to take an illegal left turn.  That's par for the course on most GPS systems, but still an inconvenience.

The unit itself is rugged and comes with a nice rubberized case.  The suction cup mount arm was a bit long.  I tried mounting it in my preferred position at the top of the window, but it interfered with the visor.  It also vibrated too much in that position.  It worked fine at the lower part of the window supported by the dash. 

Overall the system functioned well and is competitively priced at $189.99.

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