Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Giveaway - Sandisk slotRadio Player

Do you love music, but don’t have the time to spend hours creating a music library?  The Sandisk slotRadio player is a tiny portable player preloaded with a 1,000 songs from the Billboard charts and organized into various genres - all you have to do is press play.  The slotRadio player gives you a new way of listening to music without the hassle of downloads, software or a PC.  It also has an FM tuner and a belt clip for hands-free listening.

You can purchase the slotRadio player online at for $99.99 (includes the player and a 1,000 song card). Additional genre-specific music cards - Rock, Oldies, Hip Hop, Country, 80's and 90's - are also available for $40 that include 1,000 songs.

I love listening to music and always have my iPod playing at home and in the car, but the slotRadio player has definitely enriched my life.  The iPod boxes you into the songs that you already own on CD or have purchased through iTunes.  The slotRadio is an inexpensive way to gain exposure to much more music without having to listen to commercial radio.  My husband also tried the Oldies card and gave it a big thumbs up for its depth and thoughtful crafting of the playlists.  It is also great to have an FM radio on the go, as I miss that with the iPod.  If there are songs that you can't live without, you can simply connect the slotRadio Player to your computer via a USB cable and drag and drop MP3 files onto it (it has about 64 MB of free space), with no additional software required.  It "automagically" creates a new playlist for your own files.  The only downside to the slotRadio player is that it really operates in a "radio" mode.  You can skip forward through the playlists but not backward (unless you skip forward hundreds of times).  The music format is proprietary so you can't copy the songs to your computer (to be expected).  The sound quality is excellent as well as the battery life.

*** To win your very own Sandisk slotRadio player, visit the SanDisk slotRadio features page and leave a comment with your favorite feature. ***

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This giveaway ends June 5, 2008 at 11pm EDT and is open to US and Canada residents.

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