Saturday, July 11, 2009

Review - Send an (oopdoo)gram

What is an (oopdoo)™gram? An (oopdoo)gram is a greeting card in the shape of a bandage - the international symbol of healing. You can send a variety of healing gifts in an (oopdoo)gram, including "smooshed" apples, chocolate, teas, foam bath, fun bandages, and even a CD with an uplifting song.  The (oopdoo) company also makes fleece hugs in the shape of bandages "because not all boo-boo's bleed".

I sent an (oopdoo)gram to a friend who was recovering from open heart surgery and he posted this message on my facebook wall, "Thanks for the huge band-aid card! I should wear it over my heart area."  It really works!

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