Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Review – The Beatles Rock Band

The Beatles Rock Band has got to be one of the few video games that simply don’t need promotion. When I first heard that they were going to produce The Beatles Rock Band, I immediately wanted to pre-order it. But thanks to Harmonix, I received a free promotional copy of the game software to review with my existing Rock Band.

The Beatles Rock Band is exactly as awesome as you would imagine. The story mode walks you through The Beatles career from the early days to the rooftop of Apple Corps. The dreamscapes take you right back the to psychedelic 60’s. The music… there is simply no compare. Unlike other Rock Band and Guitar Hero video games, where you may or may not know the songs well, you can be guaranteed to know all The Beatles songs. The song list is pretty comprehensive, but covers more of the later years. In the upcoming months, three additional albums will be available for download, Abbey Road, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and Rubber Soul.

To make your Rock Band collection complete, you can also get a replica of Ringo’s drum set as well as John’s Rickenbacker, George’s Gretsch and Paul’s Höfner Violin Bass.

Aren’t those beautiful?? Beatlemania is in full force at our house! We love to sing the songs in harmony and even my non-gamer husband will join in. Highly recommended for any Beatles fan.

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