Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Giveaway - Squeeballs Party

Squeeballs Party by Performance Designed Products (PDP) is a fun family-oriented game featuring Squeeball toys that are relentlessly abused. The Wii game features 11 party games including bowling, cannonball, painting by Squeeball and cooking with - you guessed it, Squeeballs.

My kids immediately loved the Squeeball plush toys (available separately).

But in keeping with the spirit of the game, they would much rather throw the Squeeballs at me.

In terms of the game, it does have silly cartoon violence and is rated E10+ (everyone 10 and and older).  Some parents may feel that is is too violent for younger kids (although my kids didn't flinch when grinding and chopping up Squeeballs).  The game play is fair, and much better on the Wii than the Nintendo DS.  Some of the games were too difficult on the Nintendo DS making it more frustrating than fun.  Although the game play is nothing phenomenal, the silly antics were enough to keep my kids laughing.  I would recommend the game for kids who enjoy games such as Rayman Rabbids.

*** If you'd like a copy of Squeeballs Party, leave a comment below with your choice of gaming platform, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS/DS Lite/DSi or the Apple iPhone/iPod Touch. ***

For extra entries, promote this contest by tweet, blog post, StumbleUpon or other social media and leave an separate comment for each with the URL or username. Up to five entries per person.

This giveaway ends December 15, 2009 at 11pm EST and is open to residents of US and Canada.

Special thanks to Performance Designed Products for providing the Squeeballs Party games and plush toys for the giveaway and review.

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