Thursday, June 7, 2012

Giveaway - Brookstone iConvert Scanner

The Brookstone iConvert Scanner is every digital hoarder's dream!  I purchased my first digital camera in 2000, one month before my first child was born.  So all my son's and then my daughter's photos were digital, but there are so many documents and photos that aren't.  In the past, I used my printer/fax/scanner machine to scan photos but it was a tedious process.  I scanned artwork and portraits from school and other items such as birthday cards to save digitally. Now it is even easier with the iConvert Scanner.

The iConvert scanner works perfectly with my new iPad 3 as well as older iPad models. You simply plug it in and the app will automatically come up in the iTunes app store.  It comes with a power adapter but it also works from a powered USB hub with a standard USB cable (not included - it was just easier to power it this way on my desk). 

One of the really cool features of the iConvert scanner is that it will scan any size paper from a business card to a full 8.5x11" sheet.  The scan will be automatically cropped to the proper size.  Check out my cool new business card, it even has a QR code (the square barcode...  Also I crossed out the phone number - you didn't want that anyway).

Being the resident software test engineer person as well software developer at my job, I like to test things to their fullest. So I threw a variety of things at the scanner. One of them was this note that Dova wrote on a napkin.

Dear Mom, I can't stand another minute with Adam. Please don't let him annoy me! He threw me on the couch and I hit my head on the wood. He has been bothering me so much. Love, Dova.
Yup, it scans napkins. And artwork.  Check out these cozy kittens on a rug.

Last but not least, it scans photos. Here's the artist of these creations.

The scanner is extra handy compared to the old-fashioned kind and we are always thinking of new things to scan.  The quality has been outstanding as you would expect from all Brookstone products.

*** If you'd like to win your own Brookstone iConvert Scanner, tell me what device you'd use the speaker with in Rafflecopter below (click read more if necessary) and check out the easy ways to earn more entries. The giveaway ends on June 24th at 12:01am and is open to residents of US and Canada. ***

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Thanks for the giveaway! This would be really neat to win!