Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Brave Girl Gift Pack Giveaway

Brave Girl Gift Pack
Brave Girl Gift Pack

Ask any woman about her junior high school experience and she's bound to tell you it was a tough experience. Unfortunately for many girls, this time in life can be a breeding ground for cliques and back-stabbing as kids try to build their "adult" identity.

Ariel Fox knew all too well what this was like. After her eighth grade year or as she puts it, "the worst year of her life," she decided to do something to help girls feel better about themselves. She started Sticker Sisters, a company devoted to making stickers, t-shirts, buttons, shoelaces and other goodies with fun and inspiring messages for girls.

Twelve years later, Fox is still in the positive message business reaching girls and women of all ages with her gear that is proudly emblazoned with sayings such as "Girls Rock" and "Girls Can Do Anything". She is still spreading positive, empowering messages on over 50 products.

The Brave Girl Gift Pack is made up of a pair of "Girl Power" shoelaces, a "Girls Can Do Anything" button, 5 stickers and a box of Brave Girl Aids. The Brave Girl Aids are perfect for the skinned knees, scraped elbows and other boo boos that brave girls are bound to get. The reusable box contains 15 band-aids with an image of a brave girl hanging upside down from a tree. The gift pack sells for $16.95 and is available exclusively at Sticker Sisters.

To win your own Brave Girl Gift Pack, visit Sticker Sisters and leave a comment with your favorite Brave Girl item. Winner will be selected at random on March 20 at 11 pm. Open to US addresses. You can also receive 10% off your order by using the coupon code mommybytes10.

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