Sunday, March 8, 2009

LeapFrog Tag Reader and Book Giveaway

Last year I reviewed the awesome LeapFrog Tag reader. This handheld device is still a big hit my daughter, and we have continued to add books to her collection.

LeapFrog has launched 1 Million Reading Hours in conjunction with the NEA’s National Reading Month, to bring attention to literacy and to encourage families to make time to read together.  By pledging to set aside at least 10 minutes a day, parents can contribute to the national goal of 1 million reading hours committed. More important, they can reinforce the importance of shared reading time in their own family. All participants will receive special rewards and offers.

For one contest bytes reader, LeapFrog is giving away one Tag reader plus 5 books for personal use, as well as an expanded-memory LeapFrog School Tag reader + 10 books to donate to their local library.


To enter, visit the 1 Million Reading Pledge page and enter your reading pledge.  Post a comment here stating how much time you pledged. Contest ends March 31 at 11pm and is open to residents of US and Canada.

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Michelle B said...

I have pledge to read for 15 mins a day for 30 days