Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Review - iPlay n' Learn iPhone Application

Parents magazine has just released the iPlay n' Learn application for the iPhone / iPod Touch. It is the perfect distraction, I mean instructional tool, to keep your preschooler occupied.

My daughter is five years old in Kindergarten, and she liked the Tracing section most, especially since she is learning to form letters and numbers correctly in school.

For less dexterous younger children, the Flashcards give a great introduction to letters, numbers, shapes and colors. There are entertaining audio messages and animations to go along with each section.

My daughter also enjoyed the quizzes, where she could "beat the question" by tapping the answer after reading the word instead of waiting for the audio.

Does this application hold the interest of the young set? The proof is in the pudding. On another occasion, my daughter she went back to the iPlay n’ Learn app for more tracing and quizzes. Yay!

The iPlay n’ Learn app may be purchased in the iTunes app store for $0.99. Just click this link to open it in the iTunes Store.

Special thanks to for sending an iTunes gift card so I could review the iPlay n' Learn app.

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