Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Review - Lego Rock Band

When my 9-year-old son saw the packaging for Lego Rock Band, his eyes lit up like never before.  Two of his favorite things, Legos and Rock Band, all in one?  You bet.  I thought it would be hard to beat The Beatles Rock Band (still my favorite), but the Lego version has taken the top place on his list.

One of his favorite new bands is Queen.  Look at them all dressed up as Legos.

Check out David Bowie in a Lego concert.

The gameplay is much more intense than previous Rock Bands, where you can knock down buildings and a "Rocktopus" with your awesome playing.

With your earnings, you can buy costumes, figurines and even an entourage and tour bus!  Check out the "Cal C. Fyde" costume.

My son said that his favorite things about Lego Rock Band were that the music bars were Lego pieces, the songs, and that you can "buy cool stuff".  My favorite thing is that the songs are finally family-friendly for the younger rockers, as well as the "super-easy" mode for the real newbies.  I had a hard time trying to explain that the song "Raining Blood" from Guitar Hero III was meant to be metaphorical.  If you have a Rock Band and Lego fan on your shopping list, this game will be sure to please  for this holiday season.

Special thanks to Harmonix for providing a review copy of the game.

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