Thursday, November 4, 2010

Review – EarPeace Hearing Protection

Who knew that hearing protection could be so discreet and cool?  EarPeace offers silicone ear plugs that are skin toned so there are nearly invisible.  They are meant to enhance concert-going experiences by reduce volume while maintaining sound fidelity.

In our family we use hearing protection from yardwork, to music jams, to automobile and motorcycle races to airplane trips.  The EarPeace ear plugs do not provide as much sound attenuation as ear muffs and some foam earplugs, but they are meant to enhance your concert going experience while protecting your hearing.  EarPeace gives about 11-17 dB attenuation which is ideal for bringing the sound from nightclubs and concerts down to a hearing damage free level.  They are comfortable, reusable and easy to clean.

For more information on hearing loss and the importance of hearing protection, check out their article here.  You can purchase EarPeace with a carrying case for $14.95 with free shipping at their store.

Special thanks to EarPeace for providing a review sample.

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