Sunday, November 7, 2010

Review – Isotoner SmarTouch Gloves

If you have a smart phone with a touchscreen, you’ve inevitably run into the problem of trying to operate it in the bitter cold of winter.  I’ve had my iPhone ring and have answered it by rubbing my nose on it.  Those ridiculous antics are over with Isotoner’s SmarTouch gloves.  These gloves have conductive thread on your index fingers and thumbs which allow you to operate your touchscreen device without removing your gloves.  A non-slip palm improves grip as well.

The Isotoner SmarTouch is excellent for basic phone operations such as dialing and answering calls, but don’t expect to have coherent text messages or emails, especially with the iPhone.  Here are my test messages: “$6.49 is a good deal fortunes fm trasittes”, which should have been “$6.49 is a good deal for for the fm transmitters”.  Another attempt got completely garbled, “Dour gne t u can't really re org his ice?”

But if you’re really just interested in answering your phone or working your touchscreen GPS with your gloves on, the Isotoner SmarTouch will fit the bill.  The SmarTouch is available at most department stores and mass merchants nationwide.  Check out this hysterical video of life before and after Isotoner SmarTouch gloves:

Thanks to Isotoner for providing a review pair of gloves.

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