Friday, September 16, 2011

Review - LELO Personal Massagers from Brookstone

LELO Alia Personal Massager from Brookstone

If you're looking for the regular family fare review, you can skip this post.  But if you're looking for a something a bit more spicy yet classy, look no further than this line of LELO personal massagers from Brookstone.  After all, Brookstone has all the gadgets to make every man in your life happy, why not reciprocate for the women?

The first question that I had was, "Why would I want to spend over $100 for a vibrator?"  First of all, Brookstone sells personal massagers, not vibrators.  And the fact that I can post these photos of the LELO line of personal massagers is a testament to their beautiful Swedish designs.  Simply holding a device that is beautiful rather than grotesque or vulgar one sets you up for classy experience instead of a embarrassing one.

The LELO Alia Personal Massager is rechargeable and waterproof.  It looks nothing like a personal massager, but works wonders with its six adjustable vibration modes (especially the random pulse one).  The lowest setting teases and purrs and the highest setting is plenty powerful yet amazingly quiet.  The hole in the middle is perfect for holding on to; it simply won't slip out of your hands.  Plus, it's fun for men and women alike.

The aptly named LELO Gigi Personal Massager is shaped to for those who prefer G-spot stimulation. The five adjustable modes (unfortunately it doesn't have Alia's random pulse) also range from a slow purr to a powerful yet quiet roar.  The rechargeable battery and body-safe, phthalate-free silicone are testament to LELO's thorough design process.

So do the LELO personal massagers deliver a $100 "experience"? Considering that of all the free products I've gotten from BlogHer have all been left in the dust, absolutely. It satisfies and is definitely worth the money.

LELO Gigi Personal Massager from Brookstone

Special thanks to Brookstone for providing the LELO Gigi personal massager for review as part of the Brookstone Review Crew.  I loved it so much that I purchased the LELO Alia personal massager myself.

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