Monday, September 12, 2011

Review - Vinturi Wine Aerator from Brookstone

Vinturi® Wine Aerator from Brookstone

I’ve always known that you need to let wine “breathe” before you pour and drink, but I never had to patience to wait before indulging.  Now with the Vinturi Wine Aerator from Brookstone, I can finally taste what I’ve been missing.

In a side-by-side taste tests, the Vinturi consistently makes red wine taste smoother and more flavorful.  From bottles of fine wine to less expensive “box” wines, it works with everything.  It does require two hands to pour and hold the aerator, which can be challenging with box wines (where you have to hold the glass as well).  Otherwise, it is well worth using and takes no extra time to produce better tasting wine.

One drawback is that you really wish to have it while dining out.  Thankfully, Vinturi now makes a travel wine aerator, so you can be a wine snob wherever you go.

Vinturi Travel Wine Aerator from Brookstone

For the geeks, the name Vinturi is a brilliant play on words between “vin” (wine in French) and venturi, the reduction in fluid pressure that results when a fluid flows through a constricted section of pipe.

Special thanks to Brookstone for providing the Vinturi Wine Aerator for review as part of the Brookstone Review Crew.

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alfred said...

They way wine aerators work is they force air into the wine by expanding the surface of the liquid. The air is forced into the wine by tiny bubbles, thus allowing the flavours and aromas to be more pronounced. The aerators are quite simple and work surprisingly fast, usually in just a few minutes. While it is travelling through the aerator, the air bubbles will be evenly distributed through the whole wine, thus giving it a smooth taste.

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